Final Testing Phase

Omicron final debugging and testingWe're now in the final testing and debugging phase of Omicron! We should be able to name the release date very soon. Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned...

Omicron on Android

Omicron for AndroidI see a red app and I want to paint it green... We're excited to announce that Omicron will also be available on Android.

Megabyte-EP File 01111

Hip Hop Artist SQU!LThe soundtrack of Omicron's relaunch version was made by the hip hop artist SQU!L from Berlin. You can find the song file01111 and the whole megabyte-ep album here. Most of his albums are available as free downloads. Check out his latest stuff! Enjoy ;)

Positive Creations

Chris Dyer's Canupa MuralLast weekend Chris Dyer from Positive Creations visited the Canupa studios in Berlin and did this rad mural. His inspiring graffiti art makes our workplace a lot more original and convenient. Click the link below to see the full graffiti and please check out the website of Chris Dyer to see more of his amazing art. Thank you Chris!